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The Search For The Perfect Ballroom Dance Shoes

I know, I know- they say there's no such thing as "The Perfect One". But you can come pretty close if you want to. I mean your love for ballroom dancing is pretty well-known and you want to buy just the right pair of shoes to make your experience even more magical than ever. Find some tips and helpful info on finding the perfect ballroom dance shoes in this short article right now.

The most important thing to know with ballroom dancing shoes is the material that it is made of. You don't want a shoe that's falling apart or flying off of your foot because it was poorly constructed, right? What can you expect from great dance shoes?

Sturdy ballroom shoes have a steel shank that gives your foot added support. They may also have heel support and extra pad to cushion your feet-because we all know dancers' feet take the brunt of all the workouts and hard work in dancing. Take a look at the straps and buckles to ensure that they are snug without being too tight that they dig uncomfortably into the skin.

Next, check out the heels of the shoe. Heels should be covered in suede because it will protect your feet when you are on that dance floor. Sometimes some companies make shoes covered in leather which can be too slippery, or rubber, which adheres to hardwood dance floors. Either way, non-suede covered heels can end up injuring you out there so stick with suede.

The height of the heel is another factor that you need to consider. It should only be about 1 to 3 inches. Any higher you might be in danger of tripping all over yourself during dance steps. Flared heels provide stability, but slim heels offer better movement in turning and twisting. Ask yourself what are the dance steps that you will be doing and buy according to your need.

The right ballroom shoes will protect you from injury and enhance your performance so it really is an important investment to make. What is a good, dependable brand that you can use?

Capezio dance shoes is one of the best brands of dance footwear out there today. They are known for quality and style, not to mention its durability. In fact, you can check that many celebrities and professional dancers have their own perfect pair of capezio shoes that they own and love. What's not to love? Capezio dance shoes come in a variety of styles and colors that it would be impossible to not find your perfect pair in one of their shopping stores online. Search their website, take note of the particular shoe you want, and go to the nearest outlet to try it out for yourself.