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How Do You Create Your Brand Identity at Craft Shows and Festiva

As an artist who attends craft shows, one of the things that you will have to remember above all else is that you will not be a success if you do not gain customers. Many artists and vendors think that they can simply put their products out there and people will buy them. However, there is much more to consider when trying to sell at craft shows and festivals. You must consider competition. After all, to gain customers, your customers have to pick your booth out of the hundreds surrounding you. If your products and your displays look just like everyone else's, then you will find yourself drowning in the competition.

The first thing you need to do is recognize the need for a brand identity. This means making sure that your artwork stands out and that you are recognizable again and again. As you attend the same shows years after year, you want people recognizing you by your brand identity. This is a great way to gain repeat customers and new ones as they bring along their friends and family.

Just how do you create your brand identity? It all starts with consistency. If you consistently provide the same level of artwork in the same manner, people will begin to associate one image with you. This will make it easier for them to remember you over time.

The next step is to remember you have to stand out in the crowd. If you blend in with the other artists, you will be generic to the customers at the art shows. Your display should do several things. First and foremost, it should highlight your artwork in the very best possible way. Next, it should set you apart from the competition. Consider custom displays that are made specifically for your products instead of generic store bought ones. Consider adding color and light that will properly highlight your products. Do what you need to stay tasteful yet stand out from the crowd.

Creating a brand identity is vital for any artist who plans on participating in craft shows. Without this identity associated with you specifically, it will be very hard for customers to notice you over the other artists. You should do this with consistency and it should be reflected in a unique display that properly highlights your artwork. Once you have created this identity, you will be glad to see your business gain ground quickly, especially with repeat customers.