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Relating to vogue for males, they're as selective as ladies. The guide consists of every thing from "Sneakers to Strive if You Suppose You Don't Have a Crafty Bone in Your Physique" (examples of painted shoe transformations that look incredible yet are very straightforward to do) to more refined and elaborate tasks that involve hand stitching.

Mąż znajomej mamy nie ufa bankom i oszczędności życia ma pochowane po szopkach na wioskach i zakopane w pancernych skrzyniach na polach (naprawdę XD). Kiedyś jak musiał coś załatwić w banku i poprosili go dokument tożsamości to zrobił awanturę, że nie da, bo spiszą jego PESEL i wezmą na niego kredyty na grube miliony. Rzecz działa się w dużym, znanym polskim banku XD.

This may be the actual heartbreaker in a relationship that unknown to both individuals, may have been the very best thing EVER. They simply didn't notice there were 4 other shoes to try on every foot - the foot of empathy towards narcissism, and the foot of honor towards narcissism in others.