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Beach Boys Biography And Top 10 Songs

I don't think I know anybody who doesn't like at least one Beach Boys song, but I like most and have liked them since I was younger. When I was about 10 I used to save my pocket money and buy LP's and one day while I was at the market I came across Pet Sounds and bought it for 50p because I actually thought it was going to be the sounds of various animals, and thought it would be funny to own. When I got home and played it realised that it wasn't what i thought at all, but became an instant fan. After that I saved up again and again and bought more Beach Boys albums.

The Beach Boys formed in California in 1961 and initially consisted of Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and a friend Al Jardine. There were also several other members in the group at different times (David Marks, Glen Campbell and Bruce Johnston). In 1988 the Beach Boys were made part of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and have had 36 US top 40 hits with 4 of them being US #1's, this is more than any other US rock band.

There were many changes to the sounds and styles of The Beach Boys music over the years and some account this to Brian's mental state and his use of drugs. The Beach Boys have released over 25 albums including some of the greatest albums to date (to my ears) including Surfin' Safari, Surfin' USA, All Summer Long, Pet Sounds, Smile, 15 Big Ones and The Beach Boys.

Some of their most famous songs are Sloop John B, Surfer Girl, I Get Around, God Only Knows, Surfin' USA, Wouldn't It Be Nice, Heroes And Villains, Good Vibrations and California Girls. Dennis Wilson unfortunately died on December 28th 1983 whilst he was diving from a friends boat attempting to recover items he had thrown overboard. His brother Carl died on February 6th 1998 after fighting for years with lung cancer.

The Beach Boys became less than friendly over the years but in 2006 the remaining Beach Boys put aside their differences and had a reunion for the 40th anniversary of the Pet Sounds album. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston still tour as The Beach Boys.

My Top 10 Beach Boys Songs are:

01. Little Deuce Coupe

02. Surfin' Safari

03. Let's Go Trippin

04. Fun Fun Fun

05. Do You Wanna Dance

06. Help Me, Rhonda

07. Then I Kissed Her

08. God Only Knows

09. Heroes and Villains

10. Good Vibrations